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100% natural, pure and fresh Coconut Cooking Oils are provided for adding taste with quality to the delicacies. They are obtained from the fresh and selected coconuts to provide the best for making cuisines. These oils are available with matchless freshness & nutty aroma without any added preservatives or chemicals. These Coconut Cooking Oils arerefined coconut oils available with high smoking point for sautéing, stir-frying, baking, etc. They make the cuisines healthy and tasty as they have lauric acid. In addition, these oils are provided in food-grade bottles to maintain the freshness and taste for long. 
Fresh and high-quality Coconut Milk Powder is available with excellent shelf-stable ingredient and long shelf-life. This is processed using high-quality coconuts in safe and hygienic environment to provide the best for dry applications. This is widely used in confectionery items, ice cream, yogurt, beverages, etc. for enhancing the taste, texture with aroma. This is provided in high-quality packaging materials in attractive boxes with all the details printed on it. In addition, thisCoconut Milk Powder is available without any additives, preservatives and added colors. 
This Coconut Water is a rich source of potassium, 5 essential electrolytes and other nutrition ensuring to provide maximum health benefits to the consumers. This is 100% natural and safe to consume product provided without artificial flavoring and coloring. This is a vegan product available without fat, cholesterol and gluten. This Coconut Water is ideal to freshen up the body after a tiring day as it comes with matchless nutrients and taste. It is available in food-grade packaging to ensure long shelf-life. 
We provide natural and fresh Toasted Coconut Paste made using handpicked and high-grade coconuts sourced from the reliable farms. This is provided with matches taste and high level of nutrition to provide the best flavor to the food items. It is available with no added sugar, preservatives and artificial colors ensuring to provide the excellent source of health benefits. This is made using 100% natural ingredients, hence it is widely used as a healthy alternative tofruit jams, sauces, etc. This vegan Toasted Coconut Paste is provided without gluten, trans-fat and cholesterol.